Putmail is a very lightweight MTA or SMTP client that may replace the sendmail command when used by MUAs that lack SMTP support.



putmail.py 1.4 has been released. This release fixes what could be considered a security problem. If you tried to use TLS with a server that didn't support TLS, the request to start TLS would silently fail and would not be detected by putmail.py. This means that the user may think putmail.py was sending the username and password in encrypted form when, in fact, it was being sent in the classic cleartext form. This is not a problem if you are sure about the capabilities of the SMTP server and putmail.py is configured correctly, but it's plain wrong not to detect the STARTTLS failure.

I have implemented checks in the commands sent to the server. Should it return a 4xx or 5xx code as a reply, putmail.py will consider it an error. I've been using this version for a few days and it works without any problems. If you detect considering 4xx errors is too restrictive and you have problems, don't hesitate to contact me.

Also, due to a lack of demand, the internationalization code has been removed. Nobody ever asked for translations and the only one present was for Spanish, which I didn't even use.


It seems the web spiders from spammers and scammers have finally reached the text copy of the manpages in the website and got my e-mail address from there. If you want to contact me about Putmail, don't worry. Click my nick in the SourceForge.net project page and you're done. The e-mail address present in the package manpages and documentation files, and in the text copy you can find in this website, is no longer valid and will be removed from future releases. Sorry about that. Complain to spammers :).


putmail.py 1.3 has been released. It features some small changes to improve command line compatibility with sendmail and two new features. putmail.py now writes warnings and errors to a log file ~/.putmail/putmail.log, because sometimes you cannot read the standard error output and don't know what the problem is. Also, the program writes a sample configuration file if it's run without one, possibly for the first time.


The previous putmail.py 1.2 package had some permission problems. I have uploaded a new package with sane permissions. No code changes have been made at all. Sorry about my mistake.

putmail-queue 0.2 has been released. It is a queuing system for putmail.py, as many people had asked for it. More information about it in the Documentation section.


putmail.py 1.2 released. By popular demand, a new option named quiet has been included to supress error and warning messages about the SMTP connection. See the manpage for further details.


putmail.py 1.1 released. Updated FAQ with information on using SSL SMTP servers, improved manpage and improved disconnect code, due to problems detected with SSL STMP servers.


The website features a new look and feel and a new logo made, again, by Sevein. Big thanks!


putmail.py 1.0 released. Some minor code changes and cleanups have been made and the documentation has been reorganized (there was too much information replicated in too many files). Furthermore, the program has reached the stable status. As always, please report any bugs and problems you encounter. Thanks everyone.


putmail.py 0.12 released. This fixes a minor problem with smtp.gmail.com that started to appear some days ago. putmail.py would exit informing of an illegal EOF while closing the connection with the server, but the e-mail was sent out anyway, confusing MUAs and users.


putmail.py 0.11 released. Exception handling has been improved. You should no longer receive program traces if an error happens. Also, check doc/FAQ (also available in the documentation section of this website) and the brand new manpage (at last!).

I would also like you to report successful program behaviour under different situations, just to know I'm doing the right thing here. Of course, thanks to everyone who reported problems. Keep doing it, it's very important for me and for other users :).


putmail.py 0.10 released. It now manually parses the command line options in order to be fully sendmail-compatible in that aspect. If no problems arise from this version, I'll change the program status from beta to stable in SourceForge.net. Please, as usual, report any problems you have to sarbalap-sourceforge at yahoo dot es. I'll fix them ASAP.


putmail.py 0.9 released. The license has changed to the MIT License, also known as the X Consortium License. It's mostly the same license as the previous one but I like it a little bit more because it doesn't mention the expression "binary form", which is somehow more apropiate given the fact this is a script.

By popular demand, when you put several addresses in the From header field, now putmail.py uses the last one instead of the first one. Also, some code cleanup, bugfixes and the doc/.mailrc file has been removed (I don't know why it was there in the first place). The first line of the script has changed to use /usr/bin/env.


I have been changing the web look and code for some days now. It's not really good and uses tables, but you may like it more. Expect more changes. Sevein has designed a new logo for the project. Thanks!


putmail.py 0.8 released. The -z command line option has been eliminated. Note that putmail.py still supports multiple configuration files. The new mechanism (more convenient IMHO) is explained in the README file. Removing an option which wasn't present in the original sendmail binary is a good thing.


Website launched. Yes, I know it's bad and ugly and everything.